A More Enjoyable, And Fruitful, Way To Garden

Container gardening maximizes your space, is easier to manage and harvest, and lets you be your best gardener!


Endless Options With Container Gardening…

The only thing holding you back is your own imagination. So get creative, and gain instant gratification with your new garden.

No space? No problem!
Container gardening with the Big Bag Bed takes up almost no room at all and offers a solution to many of your gardening woes. With added mobility and gardening space you’ll find many ways to use them. See some other creative ideas gardeners have found in the Container Gardening Tips.

It gives you the height to garden comfortably and keeps pests away better than in-ground gardening.

Be creative, have fun, and explore the different options available to you with different sizes, plants, and positions around your yard, patio, or deck, balcony, and rooftop.

Marsha_Griffin“The Big Bag Bed just works. It’s that simple.
Our other raised bed gardens took a lot of work. The New England soil is rocky and hard. This year we wanted more room for growing vegetables, and the Big Bag Bed made the whole process extremely easy.
I LOVE that we didn’t have to dig up anything! It’s like an instant garden, easy to work with… To get yourself a garden at this price and be able to throw seeds in it or plants and to feed yourself and your family; that’s a great feeling.”

– M.B. Griffin, Avid Gardener, Guilford, CTRead full version


BBB herb and veggies

A Raised Bed That Truly Lets You Do It Yourself

You want a raised bed, but you don’t want (or don’t have time) to build it yourself. It seems every DIY raised garden is an “easy afternoon project” that requires at least one trip to the hardware store – quickly turning into three… that “one hour” project turning into days.

Not with the Big Bag Bed. You can have it up and ready as fast as you’re able to unfold it out of the box and pour the soil in.


No Construction Permit or Hired Help Needed

While there are many do-it-yourself solutions, the Big Bag Bed is your ready-made product that instantly becomes your raised garden.

A DIY container that really let’s you do it yourself. Just Unfold. Fill. Plant. You’re done. Yes, really. Check it off your To-Do list, take a step back, and think about those tasty vegetables you’ll get to eat this year.

The Big Bag Bed or Big Bag Long Bed garden allows you the same height of a raised bed, but with a circular shape for easier maintenance and harvest from any position. No sides or pesky corners digging into you. No weed that’s “just out of reach” taking up center stage of your garden.


Filling the Big Bag Bed

Original Flowers


Big Bag Bed full display

Six Convenient Sizes To Easily Match Your Living Style And Space.

Even if you live in an apartment, condo, or just don’t have a yard, the Big Bag Bed or the Big Bag Long Bed is your solution. With six different sizes available, you can turn spaces only previously imagined into full gardens. Now you can grow your vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, greenery, or nearly anything you want, wherever you want. No digging in the hard ground. No sawing, hammering, or nailing. It’s truly an enjoyable way to garden.

Try One Out 

A Smart Pot That Grows Healthier Plants

Everyone has a green thumb, even if you don’t know it. The Big Bag Bed just helps you hone it.
Because Big Bag Beds, by the makers of Smart Pot, are just that – They’re “smart” pots.


Never Mourn An Over-watered Plant Again

The Big Bag Bed’s tough porous fabric won’t trap water. See what soil mixes some of our savvy gardening customers are using to regulate drainage for different climates, available in the Container Gardening tips above.

This same porous fabric regulates soil temperature too – warming quickly in the Spring and releasing excessive heat in the Summer to keep your plant growth stable.

 The Big Bag Bed Mini lettuce

smart pots basil healthy root growthLots And Lots, And Lots, Of Healthy Root Growth

In traditional containers a root will circle around the inside, like what you see happening in a plastic pot. It keeps growing, circling – slowly strangling itself – cut off from the nutrients and water it desperately needs. The Big Bag Bed encourages lots and lots, and lots, of healthy root growth through a process called air pruning.

Smart Pot air pruningWhat’s Air Pruning?

Air pruning happens when a root hits the side of the Big Bag Bed, or any other Smart Pot. The porous fabric allows the root to come in contact with air, zapping the end of the root to a stopping point. This causes more roots growing in multiple directions, instead of circling, forming a strong fibrous root ball. The phrase we like to say when this happens…
Healthy roots! Healthy plants.
More root. More fruit!


Smart Pots cherry tomatoesAre You A Health Conscious Grower?

Other raised beds are often constructed with treated lumber, so it can be hard to tell what’s really going inside your edibles. Because the Big Bag Bed is proudly made in the USA, you can trust the complete quality control of the materials that make up every single bag. Each one is made with inert fabric and is BPA-free. So you know what you’re really growing, and what your family members are really eating.

Plant squash, tomatoes, pumpkin, herbs, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon… your options are nearly endless when growing with the Big Bag Bed!


A Raised Garden That Won’t Break the Bank

Traditional raised beds can get expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars.

If you want a raised bed garden you’ll get years of use from, and won’t break the bank… Give the Big Bag Bed a go.

For well under $50, you can start planting in your raised bed garden today. It’s not unheard of that some of our gardeners like it so much, they come back to get more… for themselves and to give away as gifts. You may catch yourself doing the same. Either way, we’d love to welcome you to our gardening family.


Big Bag Bed satisfaction guaranteed

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