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Yes. High Caliper Growing warrants that the Big Bag Bed will be free of any defects and will work as promised for at least a year from the purchase date or we will refund your money.  Please return the Big Bag Bed with the date and place of purchase to our address.  Please be sure to include your name and a return address.

Due to the tough, fabric material, the Big Bag Bed does discourage gophers, moles or other rodents from eating through the material.

Yes, you may use indoors but keep in mind it’s made of porous fabric and water will seep through the bottom.  You’ll need to place something under the Big Bag Bed to protect your indoor surface.  In addition to the Big Bag Bed, if you’re looking for fabric containers for indoor use, please visit for even more options.  Smart Pots can be used indoors easily and are great for hydroponics use.

Watering the Big Bag Bed is not too different from watering hard-sided containers. For all containers watering frequency depends on a number of factors including the types of plant being grown, the potting mix and the weather conditions.  Keep two things in mind – The Big Bag Bed is an aeration container. The porous fabric allows water to evaporate so you may need to water a little more.  But, the Big Bag Bed releases heat. It does not get hot like a plastic container, so you may water a little less.

The Big Bag Bed aerates and plastic does not. Aeration stops root circling and releases heat, helping your plant build a better root structure. Better roots will give you a better plant.

Yes, you can place the Big Bag Bed on your driveway or on any other flat surface. However, remember that the Big Bag Bed is made of a porous fabric and, with proper use, will remain damp. The material of the Big Bag Bed does not stain however the water, which contains substances from the soil, could cause stain.  If placed on a wooden deck it will discolor and rot the wood due to the constant moisture contact from the Big Bag Bed. In these cases you may want to place a plastic sheet or tray under the Big Bag Bed.

The Big Bag Bed is manufactured out of a custom, non-woven, Geotextile material that research discovered has important and unique horticultural applications. As roots grow they soon reach the container walls. In hard sided, plastic containers, these roots immediately start circling and continue to circle. Examine a circling root structure and you find a few large roots growing in circles with very little side branching.  These roots often bind or girdled upon themselves. Circling roots can never give optimum growth.

Gardeners are using virtually every potting mix in the Big Bag Bed. Because the Big Bag Bed aerates, heavier mixes can be used. Obviously, the Big Bag Bed filled with lighter mixes that are less water retentive and may need to be watered more often.

Yes, it is reusable. After use, simply dump out the soil and let it air dry. After a few days of being dry, the dust and small roots will easily brush off.  Fold up the Big Bag Bed and store in a dry, cool space until ready to use again.

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