The Home Gardening Product Your Customers Want More Of… Are You Stocked?

Big Bag Bed garden center display

  • Quality That Sells – Moves off your shelves and keeps them coming back for more
  • Strong Profit Margins – Make a generous profit while giving your customers a great deal
  • Promotes Gardening Up-sells – Naturally sell more tools, soil, seed, & home gardening supplies
  • Attractive Self Shipper Displays –  Easily set up anywhere in your store with no assembly required
  • Heavy Media Support – Your customers instantly recognize the brand, and will know where to get them
  • Easy To Buy – Made in the USA & carried by every major distributor across North America


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Home Gardening Centers Carrying The Big Bag Bed

Janine Bradley Organics OKC

“I’ve been stocking the Big Bag Bag and all other Smart Pot products for 4+ years and they always move off our shelves. They work for organics, hydroponics, aqua products and with all kinds of growing mediums. I’ve grown everything from olive trees, avocado trees, tomato plants and more. I even have an entire garden grown in nothing but containers. I have run specials with Smart Pots as they are a natural up sale for plants, soil and cages when growing tomatoes and vines. I support High Caliper 110% with all their products.”

-Janine Bradley, Owner, Organics OKC

Make Our #1 Home Gardening SKU Your Top Seller


There’s A Home Gardening Problem Costing You Money…

Smart Pot lines have been received favorably by wholesalers, nurseries, and the hydroponics market. But a gaping hole wasn’t being filled in the home gardening niche. The growing number of home gardeners faced limited ideal options. Raised beds take money and space to build. And time. And construction. Detering seasoned home gardeners and newbies alike.

Approximately 80 million households in America garden. And half of them grow their own vegetables.* Many more want to garden too, but found the cons outweighed the pros… and they never started.

Enter Big Bag Bed. Built exclusively for people who want a home garden without the obstacles of starting one. Made for the home gardener – Your customer.
*The Garden Writers Association Foundation (GWAF) released its 2013 October Gardening Trends Research Report.


Jim Williams Arett Sales“The Big Bag Bed allows the retailer to cross-merchandise vegetable plants and other related products for a “turn-key” garden solution. Sets up easily, no tools required. Perfect size for anyone to use. Fabric material allows for better aeration of the plant roots. It’s a perfect product for the retailer to show fully set-up and planted, giving the consumer confidence they can do it themselves. And it’s a very affordable alternative to the more expensive traditional raised bed gardens. With minimal effort and staff training, the retailer can expect strong add-on sales in a core category of their business.”
-Jim Williams, (Director of Merchandising), Arett Sales

That’s Why The Big Bag Bed Is Great For Your Business

By carrying the Big Bag Bed, you give your customers an ideal solution to all their home gardening woes.

But it doesn’t stop there.

In order to serve your customers completely, you obviously want to offer them a top quality product, that’s in demand, at a very reasonable price. And earn a fair profit doing so.

The Big Bag Bed does all this… and more.

There’s A Reason It’s Risen To Our #1 Home Gardening SKU

It sells. Even to your customers looking for something cheaper and plastic. Yes, because it lasts 3-5 years longer and is reuseable. Yes, because it’s used in small spaces and takes minutes to set up. And yes, because it helps grow a ridiculous number of vegetables. But mostly because your customers get all the benefits of a raised garden, without the hassle of building one. 


Big Bag Bed garden supplies

When You Carry The Big Bag Bed, You Also Get All The Benefits That Come With It

Instant brand awareness. Heavy national and local media presence. Easy set up and eye-catching displays that fit seamlessly on shelves. And it’s an automatic upsell for other home gardening supplies. Shovels, gloves, soil, and seed… The Big Bag Bed moves them all off your shelves and into your customers gardens.  And many home gardeners like the Big Bag Bed line so much, they often come back to buy more. Best of all, you can feel great about satisfying customer demand while growing your own business.

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“The Big Bag Bed has a proven track record for quality and selling.”

“It ships well, is always in stock, doesn’t take up a lot of shelf space, and when displayed in the greenhouse with plants in them our retailers sell 3-4x more. I have seen cheaper versions on the market with a different material, but they don’t get the same results. The Big Bag Bed exceeds any claims it makes. Plus, it isn’t a hard sale to the end consumer. Fill it with soil and you’re good to go. When retailers look for a recommendation, we suggest the Big Bag Bed first.”Jeff Gotter, (L&G Merchandise Manager), Prince Corporation



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BWGS Distributor Big Bag Bed     Hummert International Distributor Big Bag Bed     Wyatt-Quarles Distributor Big Bag Bed
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